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2 min readDec 23, 2022

WordPress is famous for its “5-minute installation” but what if you just want to have a small glimpse of WordPress? Just for the demo installing the whole WordPress used to be hectic.

To overcome this issue we have started working on a new project a.k.a “Scopic Play” forked from WordPress Playground. Experience the latest version of WordPress and its core feature with just one tap.

Scopic play is a fun project which allows users to run WordPress locally in the browser with the help of WebAssembly.

“I can test all the plugins on Scopic Play even without installing them on the live site.”
- Deepak Kothari, Freelancer — Delhi, India


😎 Install Plugins and themes

Explore the plugins before even installing them on your live website.
This can help you to identify which plugins are best for your project.

💪 Power of WordPress 6.1.1

Try the latest core functions of WordPress. You will get insight
into whether to do major or minor updates.

😉 No coding required

Scopic Play™ is for everyone. You don’t need to do the installation for the demo site. Just click deploy and play

How to use it?

On the top of the Scopic Play. All you have to click on “Deploy” and then a new tab will open is will take around 2 minutes to set up the local environment of WordPress for you.

How does it work?

Here is a quick breakdown of the whole process -

  • PHP runs as a WebAssembly binary.
  • MySQL is replaced with SQLite via a WordPress plugin.
  • The web server is implemented with the Service Worker API.

Please Note — Scopic Play™ is experimental and under active development.
All your changes are private and gone after a page refresh.

What’s not working?

  • Some plugins are not fully compatible with Scopic Play.
  • Uploading media

In future updates, we will resolve these issues but till then you can try it out and have a hands-on.

Anyone can contribute, even if you’re not a developer. Your feedback, questions, feature requests, and ideas help move things forward. Even sharing the joy of WordPress Playground with your network can help more people discover the project.



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